Habitat Enhancement

Residing alongside the sandy, erosion prone banks of the Deadman Creek has, our of necessity, given the Fisheries and Public Works crews of Skeetchestn, ample opportunity to become experts in the field of salmon habitat enhancement.

To date, more than four kilometres of river bank have been secured with tons of riprap, blanketed in landscape cloth and laced with uprooted fir trees to provide rearing habitat. About eight kilometres of bank has been seeded with indigenous grass, plants and trees, and 15 kilometres has been fenced to curtail livestock damage.

Different terrain and conditions call for different restoration methods and techniques. Skeetchestn has ready access to all the technical personnel, heavy duty equipment, operators, labourers, rock and materials necessary to take on habitat enhancement projects of any size or measure of complexity.

For habitat enhancement inquiries, call the Natural Resources Department at 250-373-2493